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10 Examples Of How Humanity Is Recklessly Destroying The Environment

It seems like today there are more people than ever who say that they want to save the environment, and yet environmental degradation around the globe continues to get worse and worse.  The truth is that while there is a lot of lip service about “going green” and “doing something” for the environment, the reality is that when the rubber meets the road authorities around the world really do not seem too concerned that the world’s environment is being recklessly destroyed.  Our air, water and soil are all under constant assault, and if that wasn’t bad enough, now scientists seem intent on genetically modifying anything and everything that they can get their hands on.  The result is a colossal environmental mess that seems beyond the capacity of humanity to fix.  But instead of addressing the real environmental issues, most of those involved in the false environmental movement are running around crying about things that aren’t even real problems.

We all need to wake up in a big hurry.  We are literally destroying the world.  The following are ten recent examples that demonstrate how humanity is recklessly destroying the environment and yet very few people seem to care….

#1) A new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives raises the possibility that a flame retardant chemical found in an alarming number of common household consumer products can cause infertility.

#2) Even in China, scientists are warning that genetically modified rice may potentially cause very serious public health and environmental problems.

#3) It turns out that genetically modified crops have been showing up everywhere – even in places where they have been banned.

#4) British scientists are now warning that due to reckless and unsustainable farming methods, farming soil in the U.K. could be entirely depleted within the next 60 years.

#5) A team of scientists down in Melbourne, Australia is developing a procedure for transplanting genetically modified pig organs into humans.

#6) World health authorities continue to insist that the H1N1 swine flu vaccine is perfectly safe, but reports of severe side effects from the vaccine continue to pour in.

#7) Compact fluorescent light bulbs have been touted as a way to “go green”, but the truth is that they are filled with toxic mercury that, when disposed of, seriously contaminates landfills and the environment.

#8) Two major U.S. paper companies are planning to transform the plantation forests of the southeastern United States by replacing native pine trees with genetically engineered eucalyptus.

#9) Some residents of Puerto Rico have recently filed a lawsuit against the United States, claiming that the testing of depleted uranium weapons and agent orange for decades in that nation has made them very sick.

#10) Lastly, one stunning new study has found significant levels of pharmaceutical drugs and illegal drugs in our water supplies despite “rigorous” efforts to remove them at water treatment facilities.

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  • crow

    Lets see we had 3 billion people in the 70’s and now we have 6.6 billion, WE are causing mass extinction daily, WE are continuing deforestation all over the world, WE have the Pacific Garbage Island in the Pacific which is twice the size of the US full of plastics created by crude oil, WE continue to make products that last only a year and WE are not standing up and demanding they last decades, I could go on the list should be about 100 things WE humans have done to this little planet WE live. WE are all responsible for our choses.

  • erica

    You spelled “recklessly” wrong. It should be “wrecklessly.”

  • mollie

    Erica, crow was making a decent point and stating important information. Get over yourself. This is a website about our global environment, not a global spelling bee

  • kt

    Um, Mollie…since “recklessly” is the correct spelling for the word, I’m gonna go ahead and assume that Erica was using wordplay to indicate that humans are wrecking the planet (as in, damaging it). It’s ok, you can relax and not jump down everyone’s throat.

  • Wish We’d Change

    Yup, sad stuff; although I don’t get what’s so bad about the genetically modified pig organs- unless you’re a pig. But hey, it’s saving people right? Then again, is saving people really beneficial to the planet? Our existence is the problem in the first place; hate to sound cruel, but it’s ultimately better if LESS of us live.

  • http://none julie

    Many people in gov say that global warming is not real. Ok why are they finding fish in cooler areas where they did not before, sea level rise, pollution in china is unreal, even if we turn on the lights that power is coal coal is dirty energy yet none of our leaders are looking at biofuels why the oil people would be hit in the pocket. 2 cars running on vinegar, 1 on water 1 on oil come on people its time to wake up something is wrong and we are the cause.

  • Aria

    I really hate humans.. we are retarded when it comes to treating our planet right.

  • Mike

    Bio fuels are not any real alternative. at least not the ones used today. All they seem to do is raise the prices of other foods by displacing consumable crops! I agree we are destroying our world but I believe that it’s generally caused by overconsumption, corporate control and lack of any accountability! We have to be responsable for our choices by what we buy as well as what we consume! We have to stand against the capitalist society which stands in the way of real freedom! You don’t have to take my word for it but do your own research! We need to change our ideals before we can change our world to one worth saving before our future is destroyed!
    I have no wish to see humanity on the verge of destitution, civil unrest or war based on a perpetual fear which is imposed upon our very nature! If we should ever have a free and open society where we are all not just created equally but looked upon by each other that way then we may actually be getting somewhere! As such i believe that unity is the only way
    we will ever take back this planet from the elitist hierarchy
    which has enslaved the majority of us! In truth I don’t expect the majority of us to ever awake in time to change our circumstance! It is up to us to make the earth a planet worth saving, to bring accountability to the evildoers and justice to all!