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Latest Technology of Environmentally Friendly Cars

Over the past few years, environmentally friendly cars have become more affordable for the average American. While there have been many improvements recently in green technology, car manufacturers still have a long way to go before they can produce a car that is one hundred percent free of fossil fuels.

Natural Gas

Since natural gas hit the car market eleven years ago, the number of natural gas vehicles in use today exceeds eight million around the world. Tighter government emissions standards and pressure that's being put on manufacturers has helped the natural gas movement come a long way. This is especially true in the semi-truck industry.

Low carbon fuel technology is now being used in semi-trucks and has been estimated to emit as much as thirty percent less greenhouse gas than diesel. Because manufacturing costs have been severely reduced due to the large expansion of natural gas vehicle production, green-friendly semi-trucks are becoming more affordable. This is good news for truck drivers and transportation companies alike because current fuel costs show that CNG costs as much as (Read More....)

LEED Goes Green Up Top

LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an invaluable asset to any new construction project.  This building rating system standardizes the characteristics of buildings that ensure it is efficient, environmentally friendly, and provides a safe atmosphere for employees or residents.  This independently applied certification was developed by United States Green Building Council but is now being put into practice across the entire globe.  Buildings that score well within this system use green products and technology from the roof down to the individual nails.  High ratings increase property value, lessen the total costs of construction, and reduce the amount of energy necessary to regulate the internal environment.

What Can Roofing Do?

Green roof designs can vary widely from building to building.  However, the LEED certification standards have been designed around allowing buildings to earn credits based on the most critical aspects of efficiency that are related to typical green roofing projects.  Many green roofing systems will take advantage of vegetative (Read More....)

Go Greener for Spring Cleaning This Year

Spring is a season of stirring anticipation. As the ground thaws and flowers start to bloom, house-dwellers get eager to throw open the windows and embrace the warming air. With that comes a sense of renewal that's most evident in the annual tradition of spring cleaning. Cleaning out your home can be a great way to expel clutter accumulated over the winter, but if you want to do it while being environmentally friendly, you'll need to take stock of your current cleaning habits.

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Going green when cleaning doesn't require a drastic overhaul of your current cleaning approaches. Rather, you only have to make small adjustments, and in some cases this simply means investing in new products. Here's a list of steps you can take to go green as you spring clean.

Use washable cleaning rags

Paper towels are a convenient cleaning resource, but they're wasteful. Instead, use cloth cleaning (Read More....)

Outfitting Your Home With Security Solutions

Many people want to believe that their home will never be victimized, but that's not what will keep burglars away. It's impossible to know when or how intruders may strike, and what threat that poses to your home and family. The only way to reliably defend yourself is by installing preventative features that will turn intruders away before they cause any harm.

Home security comes in a number of different forms. In addition to practicing safe habits like locking doors and windows and keeping an eye out on your neighbors' homes, you'll also want to install some features on your home, and in some cases multiple changes might be beneficial. Here's a quick guide to outfitting your home to be more secure against outside threats.

A Home Security Kit

Home security kits are the most commonly known home safety measure, and they're very effective. A good system uses pass codes to arm and disarm the security system, which can send alerts to local authorities whenever doors, windows or other openings are breached -- even if not (Read More....)

Vacuum Buying Tips: Invest In A Cleaner Home

Keeping your floors and air clean might feel like a burden until you realize that keeping your house clean
can save you money in the long run, especially when it comes to purchasing the right kind of vacuum. And you’re not just saving money; vacuums help eliminate potential health hazards in your own home, including allergens and toxic particles like mold.

So what vacuum cleaners should you purchase? Consider these tips when investing in a vacuum that will keep your home clean and your budget down.

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Areas To Clean Is your house fully carpeted? Wood floors? Rugs? Regardless of your flooring, dust is an inevitable problem for all homes, (Read More....)

Get There Greener -- Four Ways Distribution Can Cut Costs and Carbon

Any business owner dealing with a physical product must not only get comfortable with the workings of distribution (and all of the paperwork and costs therein), but also work constantly toward improving the system. Minor changes in the distribution process can save money and reduce a company's carbon footprint,
which is excellent for both branding and the environment. Below are four ideas, from fuel management to electronic route planning, that are changing the way products get to the shelves.

1.     Measure first. Before making changes, conscientious business owners get baseline figures to work from. By using numbers from the accounting side, management can determine exactly what percentage of the budget currently goes toward distribution. Combined with an accurate measurement of the business's carbon footprint, these figures give business owners concrete data -- data that, according to one study, show
companies’ immediate, actionable (Read More....)

Hybrid Cars or Electric Cars: Which One Is Better For You?

If you are trying to decide whether to pick a hybrid or electric car, it may pay to slow down and compare them side-by-side.  There are pros and cons to every vehicle.  Although the environmental impact may be your first concern, you will also want to consider the financial impact as well.

(Factory Converted Electric Hybrid of the Chevy Silverado)  Photo Credits Here


If the environment is your number one priority, you will want an all-electric vehicle.   The only other vehicles with zero emissions are natural gas or hydrogen prototypes.  When shopping, be aware that there are only a handful of true all-electric cars.  Electric models include the Nissan Leaf and the new Ford Focus Electric.


Electric car prices may approach $40,000. The price may be offset by a tax credit and by a savings of $1,500 or more on fuel.  For many, the all-electric price is still too high, especially for a car that can't make long trips (Read More....)

Gain An Appreciation For The Outdoors By Camping

Big cities are far removed from the natural environment. They have a man-made environment of bricks, concrete, steel and glass. Even the parks are man-made.

Being outside in a city park is not the same as being outdoors in a natural environment. However, many folks who spend their lives in big cities are not familiar with natural environments. In fact, the environment is something they might not even think about very much.

It's hard for folks to appreciate the environment without spending time in it. Camping is a great way to introduce urban folks to the environment and let them experience it directly. Spending time outdoors in the natural world, engaging in hands-on activities that expose them to the aesthetic beauty of the environment is a fun way to gain an appreciation for the outdoors.

Where To Camp

Some of the best campgrounds are in state parks. They preserve the natural environment and ecosystems and contain a variety of plants, mammals and birds, which are interdependent on the environment. Where there is (Read More....)