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10 Ways That BP Is Behaving Badly

Instead of being obsessed with trying to save the environment of the Gulf of Mexico, BP seems obsessed with trying to cover their rear ends and with limiting their legal liability. The truth is that instead of conducting an open, honest and transparent cleanup operation, BP has been intimidating reporters, lying to the public and abusing those who are trying to help. Not only that, but BP has now even gone so far as to hire professional mercenaries to protect their interests in the Gulf region. No wonder the American people are rapidly turning against BP. This has got to be one of the greatest public relations disasters in U.S. history. Continue reading 10 Ways That BP Is Behaving Badly

Drinking Water 101: Exploring Healthy Options

Decades ago, people turned on their taps without worrying about what pollutants or organisms could be in their water supply. But even though the United States has some of the safest drinking water in the world, we now know that tap water can pose health risks, especially in homes that rely on well water. Continue reading Drinking Water 101: Exploring Healthy Options