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Go Greener for Spring Cleaning This Year

Spring is a season of stirring anticipation. As the ground thaws and flowers start to bloom, house-dwellers get eager to throw open the windows and embrace the warming air. With that comes a sense of renewal that’s most evident in the annual tradition of spring cleaning. Cleaning out your home can be a great way to expel clutter accumulated over the winter, but if you want to do it while being environmentally friendly, you’ll need to take stock of your current cleaning habits. Continue reading Go Greener for Spring Cleaning This Year

Encouraging Children to Save Our Environment

When I grew up plastic bottles and containers were not wide spread. Glass bottles and jars along with boxes were mainly used as containers for items we would pick up at the store. You did not hear a lot about recycling then but even during these years my parents were always teaching us kids to be conscientious about such things. Continue reading Encouraging Children to Save Our Environment

Enviromental Homes- Earthships

Now, when some people go about saving the Earth, they go in all the way. No little steps here, they recycle ad reuse everything. They go green in every way they can, with all the knowledge and effort they can muster. One of those people is architect Michael Reynolds, who builds Earthships.

What is an Earthship? Well, think of it as the ultimate recycled housing. Fully autonomous and created using what the rest of the world would deem to be garbage, Mr. Reynolds’ Earthships are home that the environmentally conscious can enjoy without a qualm. Continue reading Enviromental Homes- Earthships