Soil: Ignored, Ill-treated, Irreplaceable

Recently, I wrote about the “Green Revolution” (which I called the Greed Revolution), and some not-commonly-published, negative side effects which that revolution may have had on food. I told of studies which indicate that hybrid corn may fall considerably short of the nutrient content of open pollinated (O.P.) corn. I speculated that one reason that botanists began hybridizing plants used for food was so that those plants would not need as many nutrients, of which our soils are deficient in forms available to plants. (That’s why our soils are often called “depleted soils.” They’re depleted of available nutrients.) In lieu of attempting to raise the quality of our soils to where that quality was when the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock, or, ideally, to attempt to bring them back to “Garden of Eden” levels of quality, if we could know the condition of soils at that time, we lowered the standards for our sources of food. As we decreased the nutrient requirement of crops, we decreased our nutrient uptake. Continue reading Soil: Ignored, Ill-treated, Irreplaceable

When The Gulf Of Mexico Had An Oil Spill A Few Years Ago, It Did A Climate Change On Us.

I am not a farmer. Nor am I an engineer. So I am really surprised by the lack of engineering in the farming community to offset the drought conditions we have experienced this year.

Our planet is covered in oceans of water that is not capable of supporting our farming community. It has way too much salt in it. Continue reading When The Gulf Of Mexico Had An Oil Spill A Few Years Ago, It Did A Climate Change On Us.

We Almost Lost a State!

An asteroid came very close to colliding with the Earth recently. Asteroid 2012 XE54, discovered Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 came within 140,000 miles of a collision with our planet yesterday Wednesday, December 11, 2012. The asteroid is small. It is about half the size of one that supposedly flattened 800 square miles of forest when it exploded above Siberia’s Podkamennaya Tunguska River in 1908. Continue reading We Almost Lost a State!

Encouraging Children to Save Our Environment

When I grew up plastic bottles and containers were not wide spread. Glass bottles and jars along with boxes were mainly used as containers for items we would pick up at the store. You did not hear a lot about recycling then but even during these years my parents were always teaching us kids to be conscientious about such things. Continue reading Encouraging Children to Save Our Environment

Resource Conservation: Why Bother?

You can read, hear, and see this kind of message all over conventional and new media. Everyone is telling everyone else to be conservative about our resources, to be more efficient, to pitch in with the effort in saving our environment. It has become part and parcel of modern human morality to be conscientious of the way one treats the environment and consumes resources. To be callous towards these initiatives immediately makes you a bad, bad person. Continue reading Resource Conservation: Why Bother?

Raising Awareness And Providing Practical Ways That We All Can Help Save The Environment!